Sadie Weis

Having originally been trained as a painter, Weis now works across a wide range of media to express her spiritual vision. Influenced by the otherworldly and occult, Weis considers her work to be a visual representation of her mental odysseys. Her paintings and “polymonotypes” (her unique version of silkscreens) in brilliant hues testify of enchanted encounters, and her intricate sculptures convey the curiosity of a frantic scientist. Weis describes her sculptural work as “the re-appropriation of found relics and memories in accordance with organic processes such as crystal growth and natural decay.” She thus melts found objects together in new forms, which she then submerges into a unique mixture of water and chemicals (such as sugar, but also more hazardous ones such as potassium dichromate) in a water-sealed environment in order to grow crystals onto them. Every concoction crystallizes in a different pattern as well, hence diversifying the possible outcomes of Weis’ labour intensive process.

For the works in this exhibition Weis has crystallized plants, flowers and geodes, hence marrying the scientific medium with the organic one. She explores the simulation of nature, for through her killing of the plant, she generates a new sort of life, at once whimsical and maddening.

Sadie Weis (b. 1981, Kansas) is an American artist based in Berlin. She holds a BFA in Painting from the University Kansas. She has had solo-exhibitions in Berlin, for example at the The Ballery, and also in New York at Heist Gallery. Her work also has been included in many group exhibitions in Berlin, New York and London. She was the recipient of the Emerging Artist Grant at SCOPE Art Fair.