Maren Simon

Maren Simon’s practice traces, tracks and marks the paper with the materials used as an active mode of making. The works shown are ink and acrylic on paper put together and manipulated through moving the paper whilst the materials dry, thus creating images that are traces of the materials when they are live. These works are biomorphic and have reference to a mineral like quality. They encompass the aesthetic of microscopic nature and draw from its infinite patterns and movements.

The works exhibited from the the series ‘Findings’ depict layered shapes that reference mineral like qualities from the textures to the way the materials layer one another. Natural patterns and shapes are allowed to form from the process Simon uses, they could be microscopic discoveries or samples from precious natural materials. Presented in the ‘study’ these images show off their taxonomical themes as systematical artworks.

Maren Simon (b. Hannover, Germany) is a freelance artist and cultural scientist working in Hamburg.