Lisa Creagh

Creagh’s conceptual art training underpins the sensorial aspects of her technique. Her work centres around dialogues between the mediums of photography, digital imaging and painting.

Her work has often been collaborative in nature: as a producer and curator she has delivered large-scale photographic projects for international artists and delivered talks at various colleges. In 2006 she received critical acclaim for the originality of Tidy Street where she transformed a street in Brighton into a series of lightboxes utilizing the windows of small terraced houses.

The exhibited works from The Instant Garden depict bold floral patterns that are made up of composite images of industrially grown flowers. The idea came from when in ancient Persia they would throw down rugs with the rich floral pattern, and similarly Lisa has created her own instant garden. She uses software to piece together the flowers and then runs it through a program that converts the “real” into a digitally made flower symbol that is often used in ancient decorative arts.

Lisa Creagh (b. 1972, Coventry, UK) is a Brighton based photographic artist. Creagh graduated from Goldsmiths in 1994, and more recently, with a Masters in Photography from Brighton University. Between 1997 and 2001 she lived and worked as an artist in New York, teaching digital imaging and curating exhibitions. Upon her return she cofounded The Brighton Photo Fringe in 2003, a vital network of photographers, still running in conjunction with the Brighton Photo Biennial.