Katie Spragg

Through an exploration of the medium of ceramics in relation to illustration and multi-media installation, Katie Spragg aims to evoke primordial feelings of communion with nature while creating new opportunities for magical encounters with her own imagined natural organisms. Playing with our own idealized image of nature, the artist’s ceramic sculptures create a condition of tension between the expected and the unknown. The artist herself described her works as representations of “the conflict between our sublime fantasy of nature and the often more mundane reality of our experience of it.”

The selection of small-scale sculptural works that are now on show at heliumcowboy are part of her Turfs (2016) series. This collection of porcelain artworks represents crystallizations of segments of nature as seen both through the nostalgia of human memory and the possibility of alternative ecosystems. The artist’s choice of ceramics as the medium to represent natural elements is motivated by the material’s versatility towards different processes and techniques, which allows the artist to indulge in the experimental nature of her practice.

Katie Spragg is a British-born artist who currently lives and works in London. After graduating from MA Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art in 2016, she has been exhibited in a wide variety of group shows both in the UK and abroad, among which Show 16 at Royal College of Art (2016), the International Travelling Exhibition Fragile in Transit (2012-2013) and Designers of the Future at the V&A Museum (2010). She has also recently been awarded with the Charlotte Fraser Award at RCA Ceramics & Glass WIP Show (2015-2016) and has been shortlisted for the V&A’s Studio Ceramics: Early Career UK Makers residency (2013).