Jens Rausch

Jens Rausch works with experimental techniques and materials to create depictions of forest settings. His works aim to intrigue and draw the viewer in and comment on our disconnection with nature. Referring to the digitization of our current modern world for example, the works suggest a loss of the primal forgotten playground that is nature. Forests provide a place of curiosity when we are young but as we grow older we disconnect from not only the physical places but also the curiosity. His works bring out “the forest within us”, with an uncanny depiction of what we all recognize.

The works from the series Forestry depict organic elements that Rausch has come across whilst on visits to the forest. His oils paintings like The Constantly Renewing are mixed with a more experimental technique such as using fire to burn holes and create layers that encourage the viewer to be curious and look further into the works just as you would a forest.

Jens Rausch (b. 1976 Fulda, Germany) studied at the Technical College of Design in Fulda, Hessen, Germany. He then went on to study Social Pedagogy at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda. Rausch has participated in several artistic projects with disabled people as well as continuing his education in Art Therapy and Creative Pedagogy at IHC in Calw, Baden Württemberg, Germany.